Thursday, April 05, 2007

Reflection of a great experience

Well when Mr.Hide at first told me about this Project let me tell you that I was not that exited, because I dirren´t know what was really going on. Then when we started the project, as the time passed the project became more and more interesting. And for me it was great because before doing this project I saw a documentary about global warming, and I had very clear the theam of what is global warming which was my topic.with that documentary I knew plenty of things of my topic, although I also needed to find more information that I had no idea about. I also liked to work with a man like Al ore because I think that he has many thigs of his life that I whant to explore, becasue they seem to be very interesting. In the future I hope that another English teacher does another project like these because I really was a great experience for me and I think that for most of us also.

With my project I discovered things that I never though that they would exist. For example the tenn call, it was an incredible experience that we could talk wih those kids. I also finded many things bad about the world that we can prevent if we whant to. Well i really hope that next year there could be a teacher that repeats this project, I really liked it and it was a great experience.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Al Gore

Al Gore is a man that was vice president os the United States when Bill Clinton was president. I founded an article in Google where they talk about the documentary An Inconvinient Truth that was a documentary made to defeat the big issue that is very dangerous for us, the Global Warming.
Well this film brings up the argument in wich Al Gore said that we can no longer keep living like this. Why? Well because this issue if we don´t do something fast the world is going to end very soon, I mean like in years. But thete are still people that really don´t know what is global warming, is it when carbon dioxide and other gases are working to warm the surface or hte Earth by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere, and this is good because it keeps our planet in a normal temperature. Well but then bye burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and others the clearing forest have been increasing more and more the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and that way the temperatures are increasing. Scientis because of this are already having evidence for this, for example that the number of category 4 and 5 hurracanes have almost duble in the last 30 years or the flow form ice glaciers in greenland that has more that duble over the past decade or even our animals have been affected, because at least 279 species of plants and animals have already respond to global warming and are moving closer to the poles.

Well and we are all thinking about now but in the future big things can happend, such as the death because of global warming will duble in just 25 years to 300,000 people every year. We can also espect that the droughts and wildfires will increase and occur most often, also the Artic Ocean could be ice free in summer by the 2050! And also more that a million species worldwide could be driven to extiction by also the 2050, well these are only somethings that we can expect but there is more. But there is no dought that we can solve this problem, in fact we need to do it. How I have said before only a little change in our dailly life can make a big change in out hole world. And as Al Gore sais the time to come together to prevent this issue is NOW!

Well I really think that these topic is really interesting and more if we are talking about Al Gore, a great man. I an going to tell you something that I have been telling you for all the last posts, this is that global warming really does have a solution and if we don´t start righ now that solution is going to become more and more difficult for us. But there are also people that are really not thinking about the future and we really need to start thinking about it. There are also people that think that this is not true and it is not going to do something bad for us, and they have no idea about it really.

Well i think that for the next post I should also find out about the couses that we migh see because of global warming in the future. And talk aslo about the documentary and Al Gore, and take a look to those people that think that this is a joke.. and why do they think that?

Friday, February 23, 2007

Global warming..

Well for this time I am going to tell you something really interesting that I founded in the BBC news, it is al about climate change. In this article they say that the climate in our Earth is always changing. The greenhouse effect is also very important for all these climate changes, why? Well because when we talk about cliamte we talk about all the gases which keep us (Earth) warm, it is the greenhouse gases wich are releasing stoger threat. People, scientist over the world but mostly in the UK are searching for evidence for the climate change, they are having many sources such computers, wich help them in their work.

Water is very importnat and an big consideration, you can se when the water level increases and decreases. Does this mena that we could be in danger?, maybe the water like this could cause flooding. There is as good climate changes as bad ones, we just need to worth considering those too. We need to start thinking about how we need to get use to all these climate changes. From now and on we need to strat looking for reasources for energy such ad solar power, wind power, geothermal, water power and even nuclear energy. There are many more solutions, there are many things we can individually do at home. There are many parts in our world that think that we can really do something fot global warming such as Kyoto andmany more.

I think, as I have tell you before, if each one of us make somehting for our world we can really make this work. Thigs like the ones we talked before like taking power form different reasouces that are not distroying out world. That is relaly helpfull for us. Somepoeple are doing some reaserch for some solutions that we can also use, I really apreciate that for thosepeople, and hope that other people too. This are things that not all the pople care about, but they should, Why? Well because this is going to be the same world that their kids and the kids of their kids are going to live in, and it is really not cool, thinking that my kids will live in a world that is full of damage and theyc ould die at every time. So I think that people should really start thinking about their future and the future of their future family. This damage in our wolrd is a damage that can de reduce but is would not be easy, and worst if there are still people that think taht this is a joke and they are not doing nothing for it. People should star to think abour rality, because if they don´t something really bad is going to happen.

Well for the next post I think I will be talking about Al Gore, I think he is a really good and intelligent man, and we all have somehting really interesting to learn about him. I hope people really apreciate this man becuase it is one of hte few people tahta re rally caring about our world. So I think that this man has many things for us and many things we can learn. See you next time.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Me aNd My FriEnds!

Well, let me tell you that I have many friends, and Best Friends too! Well my friends are Isa M, Isa G, Ana Caro, Valeria, Valentina, Suad, Mariana, Lichi, Cata, Naty H and Vito M. They are all really good friends, you can look for their blogs in Mr. Hide´s blog, They are all really cool and funny! I hope we stay together a long time!

How can we prevent Global Warming??

Well for this time I decided to write about something’s that could be a solution for global warming. Yesterday, I founded an article in The State Journal, that says that coal may be a solution for global warming. Jay Rockefeller says that he really think that West Virginias could do something for it. He says that Coal produces 50 percent of the nation's electricity, and as The State Journal pointed out last week, "20 percent of West Virginia's budget is tied to the coal industry; and, one out of eight jobs is directly or indirectly tied to the industry." That way they created the Clean Coal, and this could really be helping to prevent. An other really interesting page is one on BBC news were they say that the climate change requires politics and technology as well each one of us can start doing something for it. For the new technology they are creating power cars, thinking about preventing the fossil fuels burn in the cars. Cars can also be powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. A hydrogen fuel cell emits no carbon dioxide. An other way to prevent fossil fuel is by nuclear power. Almost 80% of France’s electricity comes from nuclear plants. The industry is still young. If the technology can be streamlined and the other issues resolved then the viability of bio-fuels could increase. Since Carbon Dioxide is really affecitng our world they are making plans such as Carbon trading that is a scheme in which polluting businesses can buy and sell permits to emit carbon dioxide. An other scheme is the Carbon offsetting tahat has recently taken-off as a way for individuals an businesses to become 'carbon neutral’. This means that there could really be a solution fot this.

I really think that this are very helpfull solutions, but really we need to have more reasourses that way the probabilities of preventiong global warming will be alot bigger. Its really good to know that there are people that really care about our world adn are really doing something for it. This are schemes with really good prespectives, and people are really thinking about this and looking for more solutions. For me I thinck that there should be more individual work, because like this only like big factories adn countries can do something fot ir and I think that it should be something that everyone needs to put a little bit of effort fot their planet.

I know that there is much more that I can look for, for this project. There is to much to find out, but the next thing I am going to look for is that if there is an other solution of this but maybe it can not be done, but why? And what are the mayor causes of this problem that could be distroyed. There are also many kids with alot of inyuries that are caused by the climate change, we can also find a solution for that. This is really an interestig project and i hope that all this reasourse in Mr.Hide´s blog help me to find the information that I really need.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Global Warming..

well my topic for TLP was chosen because many reasons. In the BBC news and Google news there is plenty of information. Al gore the vice president, is really into the global warming. Al gore`s documentary "An Inconvinient Truth" has scared many people. This global warming has made people made experiments for the future, the result of the experiments really refere to the UK, they said that in the 2080 there was going to be a temperature of 4c°. This is really woring people. Al gore and China are working togethere to defeat this global warming, this is what he said last Wednesday in his conferece, "we can make this work, but we need to act quickly".They say that this global warming is also affecting more than us, but the real thing is that we all can do better things to inprove this problem. We have the ability to do it.

I really think that these problem, yes, it is really woring people but still many people are not doing anything to prevent this. If each person did a simple thing just as stop smoking or something it is not all of the solution, but still it works. In the US they have started, they have stoped selling spays that are bad for out atmosphere, because all of that is causing all this climate change. An other things that are not really helping are the factories, why? because all the smoke is going to the atmosphere and that is making it smaller and smaller everytime.I really admire Al Gore because he is the one that is making us see the real truth. When I say the documentary yes is was really scaring, but still if we don`t do something we may really be in a really bad way to the future. We can also use things like technology and more things to help. Why technology? Because the cars also produce polution, and now they are creaing new cars with energy so that we don produce to much polution, that is bad for our selves. I really think that China has nothing to say that the Americas are the one creating gllbal warming, because they are really in to that too. It is really unjust.

Well I thinck that this is not enough information for my project, I need to keep reading on what the people are doing to try to prevent this. If I could do something I will, but is that I am only 1 person in too many people and thats no way I can do much. I thinck that my project needs to lead to something more interesting, something that really makes people thinck about whats really happening to us, maybe they don´t care because they are not going to be alive, but theit grandsons maybe. This is not enough for all the people to start to beleve, the mayor part think this is just something stupid, but they really need to care because it is not going to be bad for them, but for all of us. I hope ypu keep thinking about this and start telling people.

Friday, February 02, 2007

PovErty In Our PlaCe..

Well here in Cartagena we do have many poor people. Where we live is a neighborhood that you are not going to find poverty. Derek in Mr. Fisher's class wants to know how big poverty in our place is. Well our place is very poor but in places that are not even near us. Cartagena is very little and if you go very far from your house and you walk with you I pod poor people may take it from you. That’s why sometimes in our place walking alone is very dangerous.

Well also in out school we have campaigns were we collect or money or things that we don’t use and donate them to the poor kinds. In here we have maids, in U.S.A people usually don’t have them but very rich people get nannies for their kids. We also like to help those people because if you see there job is very hard. My things that I don’t really use I give them to my made so she can give it to his son.

Sometimes when I go to Miami and things are things in a very good sale so I bring them here and give them to some poor school. I buy things like, books, colors and so. Maybe when you go out here in the streets you see poor people selling things like, love pups, gums and other delicious candy. Well I hope that when you come to Cartagena we can communicate in a way of msn or something like that and me and my friends can go our with you and show you our city. Maybe there’s poverty here, but really it is a really beautiful city.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Do We Go On Dates? Where?

Well in this post I am going to respond to a question of the TLP where Ashleigh and Amber want to know if we go on dates and if so where do we go. Well let me tell you that yes we do have dates, we may not have them that often because it seems not good but we do. Sometimes we go normally as we go on weekends with our friends. We can go to restaurants to eat, go to the movies or hang out in places like the ones I talked in the phone call such as: el Campito, el Otoyal, club Cartagena and so.

Some dates and almost every date, when they become girlfriends and boyfriends every month they give each other presents. In here in Cartagena there have been many fights just because of girls. Why? Well because lets say there’s a girl and 2 or more boys like her, so then they all try to be with her and start fighting. In here most of the girls date with boys older than them. Sometimes if you are 13 and your boyfriend is 15 you can hang out with him but you can't do the same things he does, just because he is a boy and older so he goes out very longer than you.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What special places do we go to?

In the TLP wiki, kids from other schools such as Daniel B and Anna want to know what special places we go to have fun with our friends. Well in our place there are not to much places we can go, but although we have many fun in the places that we can go. On Fridays and Sundays that is when we are doing to hang out with our friends; we can go to places like: “El Campito” that is a place where you have a baseball court and a mini soccer court where kids go to play. But at nigh we go to eat pizza in a place near there called "the carriola". The pizzas in there are very good and its also in a very exclusive place because its near a restaurant called "Del Otoyal" where you can eat different kind of foods. Near there its also a club that is "Club Cartagena" where there are tennis courts and restaurant, it also has places for parties and a big pool. This is some places we can hang out with our friends in the nights.

Other places that we can also go are called the "San Martin" that’s a street. In that street you see many tourist hotels and most of the stores. The places we go in there are Mc Donald, Creeps and Waffles and "El Corral". These are all very good food restaurants, 2 of them are fast food and Creeps and waffles is a little more elegant. The most elegant restaurants are located in "The Centro" that is located in the middle of our city.

I really think that in here in our place we have not to many places to go to. Although it is a very beautiful city with very beautiful people for the kids like us, in the nigh we have plans but not enough of them. On the days we can go to our beaches and the pools in the new building that they are building all over the city.

There are also some islands called The Rosario Islands were people can go to swim and have fun. They can also go to the aquarium and have fun watching all the animals and swimming looking nearly to the beautiful corals. For the tourist the city is very fun because they meet new people and discover and other culture. This city has very special hotels like the Hilton hotel or The Americas; these are hotels where you can have all the information of Cartagena and a very hospitality place where you can pass your vacations. Maybe you feel that out place is very different from yours but you need to know that there are totally different cultures. Your place is all the way across is you are in Malaysia, or if you are in Canada, or Us we are more near. I hope that when you come to Cartagena we can see each other because it’s a very beautiful place when is you are a tourist you can have many new things to discover.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hi my name is Margarita and I am 12 years old but I am going to turn 13 very soon on May 28. Well I really like to better be called Margui because my name is very long! I live in Cartagena, Colombia and I study in the Jorge Washington School, but better called Cojowa that the Co stands forcolejiothat means school in spanish, the Jo that stands for Jorge and Wa that stands for Washington. For English class this time Mr.Hide our teacher gave us a really interesting project that has to do many things about the future. Something that really wories me about the future is the global warming but there are also some other things like smoking and drugs.

This thing of global warming is woring me alot because it really is telling us that in many years the world is going to sink. This is happening all because of us, when we use all thoses sprays and all that polution we create and bad gases we produce are destroying the atmosphere and the ozone layer. This is making the sun hit alot more to the planet Earth and although the layers are bigger and stronger in the poles, the sun´s rays are still hitting earth very quikley.

This is making the poles melt very fast and thats why all the climates are changing and the amount of whater is increasing. I once saw a movie called an inconvinient truth, its were a man thats called Az Gore talks al about that and whats going to be happening in the future if we keep doing what we are doing know. I don´t know if in other continents or country they are doing somethings to prevent this damage. But in the United States they are canceling all the sellings os the sprays in all the stores and people do make it work. But in other countries or cities, the people are not making the rules work, they are destroing the atmosphere and are looking at was happening now but they are not thinking of what may happend in the future to our world if we keep doing what we are doing. Hope you think not only about now but of what can possibly happen in the fututre.

An other thing that is really happening and I am waching many people doing it is smoking. Everytime I pass arund in my city walking I see girls or boys smoking on almost every corner. This is really bad for the world. One beacuse it is one reasong in wich the global warming is increasing. Two is beacuse if every kid from now starts smoking, when they are 40 years old they can die. This is really bad also because many little kids are doing it only because they see the big kids do it and I really thik is not fair.

Maybe people think that alcohol is fine, but not for little kids. Thats an other things thats very bad for us. If we keep being like this the world is going to be full of alcoho and every single kid of 10 years old will whant to drink alcohol. This is something similar to smoking, when little kids go to parties and they see the big ones drinking alcohol they will whant to do it to just so they can be like the big ones. I really think that the people that read this think about what they are doing and what they are going to do in the future, for them and for the world. Thank you.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Responding To "Mosnters are due on Maple Street".

Well, last week I read a story called “Monsters are due on Maple Street”. It was a very interesting story, and like all the stories this one had a special message. I think that the message on this story is that the people on Maple Street, when they don’t have someone to blame they blame themselves, the worst enemy. “With few variations. They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find… and it’s themselves”. Said one of the aliens. I think that’s one important message that the author wants us to understand very well. The story helps me to understand that the guilt is not always what it seems. You can have it in your self or you can have it beside you or sometimes you can’t even see it.

I think that the messange is really valid on todays world. Righ now that message is all over the movies and kids books. Its a very tipic message, veryone takes it in a good way. I think that if I was going to remake the stoy I wouln't change nothing of the message because I think that the message is better seen righnow than before. For this message I feel very good because is a mesagge thatreally expreses what the aouthur whants to transmit.

Well, now I think that Monster are due on Maple Street need some changes so the people no can really beleave that story. Something that I would change is how the blackout happends, righ now if a blckout occurs no one wories. They just call the police or something like that, righ now it is very normal. An other thing I would change is the way Tommy sais about the aliens, it is a way thatr no one will beleve because its a little kid and they wach those things on tv. Other things I would change is were the setting will be, I think that it could be in the suburbs because is a little place were you can`t go out. Some equipments that could be affected in the blackout so it would be alittle more strange could be cellphones, i pods and clocks. Those will be some changes I will make to the teleplay.

Worst day..

I am going to tell you about a day that I had few weeks ago. It was in the month of October, I think I woke up with my left foot because I dirren`t find neather my mom or my maid because my brother was sleeping so I couln have break fast and I needed to wait untill lunch time because they were not there. Then at lunch they did the worst luch I hated that food it was the food that my brother liked.

Later when I was waching a Barcelona`s game, they told me that last Friday Puyol`s dad died so then the team was very sad about that and they were loosing most of their games. That was avery bad news for me and some other people. When it was going to de 4:00 that is the hour when my favorite tv show was coming up, the president started talking so I couln`t wach it neather wach tv because the president was talking in every channel.

When it was time to go out with my friends like at 8:30, we dirren`t now were to go. Then they called me that we were going to goto Mc. Donalds. When I got there anyone was there so I needed to wait like a half hour to the people to come. When they were there I found out that I forgot to ask my mom for money so I couln`t eat because anyone will share me mony. Everyone finished their food and we were board, we dirre`t had nothing to do. I asked my mom that if I could go walking to Club Cartagna and she let me, that was the only good thing that happend to me that day.

When we were on the way, some strage guy got near us and started talking strange the only thing I could do was run to the neares buillding, wich I did. Then of about 10 minnuts of walking we got there, and because the day before it rained all the road was filled with water and I axidently fell in it and everyine laugh at me! It was horrible! Finally my mom came for me and took me to my house then the ligh whent off nad I needed to sleep without air. In conclusion the halloween stories are true because that was a Friday 13 and it was a badluck day!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

High School Party!

"So are we going to finally make this party for school?" Gilberta said.

"I think that yes" Maria answered.

"Well I don't care, I would do whatever is good for all of you" Kate said murrmuring.

Gilberta is very normal, "Ok, so know we should start planning the party with all of our ideas."She said.

"Oh, well whatever lets do my idea, it abouslly the cooler one!" Maria said shouting.

To finish Dniela said normally, "I think we should take ideas from all the people is not just your party."

So, it was their last day in High School, and they were meeting in Daniela's house to plan the party. First came kate and Gilberta, they were only 10 minuts late. Daniela was very angre becouse they dirren't had to much time to plan the party and they were 10 minuts late. Then half an hour pased and Maria wasen't there yet. Daniela was about to explote but kate and Gilberta tried to explane to her that Maria was late becouse she was in the doctor.

Daniela dirren't really whant to understand, she was very angre and she told Kate to start planing without Maria.

"No, let's wait untill Maria comes, she is the one with more creativity", Gilberta said.

"No! I have more creativity than she does! Lets start lets start now!!"Daniela said very loud.

Then of about 15 minuts, Maria came. Daniela started to anrgue to Maria and starts to shought at her. Maria getsa lottle scared, but starts fighting with Daniela. Kate and Gilberta started to separete them. Then when they are in normal, they started to plan the party. At fisrt they were agreen on many things. They wanted to by hats, cake, and coke. But then the conflict came, Daniela started to stuggel to all of them because she dirren't like those ideas. She wanted the party to be how she wanted it to be not like they were doing it. So she started arguing.

Daniela at firts starts to figh with Gilberta, she blames her of all of what was done. Gilberta becomes very angree about this and althoug she dosen't ilke to figh, she starts fighting with her becaouse Daniela really makes people angree. Then Gilberta talks to the other and they agree with her and became angree with Daniela too. They all bacame fighting now againts Daniela.

Daniela starts to feel very bad about this. She really likes things how she wants, but she dosen't like all of her "friends" to figh with her.

"Hey Daniela you don't need to cry about this, its really dum." Maria said.

"What can I do if you whant to make the party a really disaster?" Daniela anwerd.

"But it's not a desaster evryone is agreen exept you, what is your problem?" Gilberta said in the middle.

"Nothing" Daniela said angree.

"So then lets call everyone and tell them that this party is CANCElED!"Maria anaunced.

Then they all started talking about it. They decided to call and said it was canceled. But then Kate said the she wanted to do the party.

"Just because Daniela ir arguing we are not going to have fun and make a party?" she said.

"Well thats true", Gilberta said.

"So do we make the party or no?" Maria asked.

"I think to make it." Daniela said.

Later, they all became staring at her , becouse she was the one that dirren't wanted to do the party. Then whe they were calmed and where not fighting anymore, they became talking civiliced about to make the party or not.

"So the ebst we can do is to vote about thins things"Kate proposed.

"Ok so who votes to do the party?" Gilberta asked.

"Me, me and me", Kate,Daniela and Maria. "Well and me too" Gilberta said.

They all whanted to do the party but now the problem was how would they make it. Then the climax came, they were almost deciding about the conflict. Danielas mom came into the room. They asked her if she could help them. Then she said,

"No, I can't it's your party!"

I think you should take ideas from every student in you class, then you cold make a paty that everyone liked. Later, the calm came, they asked for ideas ans the had the the party made. When Friday came they were very happy it was one of the most fun and cool parties they had ever been too. Now that it had a little bit from each person.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Trip to Cholon..

Well now I am going to tell you what I did in the last Novembrinas. At first my mom was going to stay at house and do not go to such place. But then she talked with a friend that lived near our house. She had invited us to Cholon, thats a big island were people have different houses and can go there to have a good time. You can go to Cholon by car or by boat. We whent to an island called Maui, it was very big and beautiful.

My mom told me to invite one of my friends, I called most of them but they all had plans exept Valentina so I invited her. She asked her mom and she let her. Then on Saturday morning we whent in boat at 8:00am. When we got there it was very boaring because we dirren't know what to do. We were new in that place so we were a little shy.

Then the friend of my mom, told us to go into the big donut. Thats a juge floating life best that its controlled by the boat. Every time that thing started going we felt becaouse we dirren't know how was it really. Then of few haurs we were experts. It was really easy but at first you think it would be very difficult.

On that trip we did plenty of things. We ate untill we couln't eat a peace of nut. It was so fun that we whanted to stay there like one week more. In tha island beside it Susana was there and she invited us to her house too. That day we sleep there and there was a juge storm and we were telling scary stories.

In conlusion those days were one of the most fun days that I've ever had! Every time I am going to go Valentina tells me that she whants to go with me. I also wanted to make my birthday there too, becaouse its a very fun place to be with me and all of my friends. Also Susy can invite half of them to hers and me the other half, that way it would be alot more fun!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Terrible Holiday..

Few weeks ago I had a terrible experience. It was the day before Christmas. I was in the house of my friend Carolina and there was estrange man that was always looking at me. He was (1) old, gross, and mysterous. I really dirren't like that guy too much. Then few days later an other man arrived to the house. But I don't know if (2) by car, by taxi, or by foot. The only thing I knew was that the man was very strange and whanted to do something to me.

The day before Christmas came and Carolina and me were very happy and exited becouse we were going to have alot of gifts from our families. I called my mom and she told me she was going to send me (3) a book, a bag of pens, and a very preatty laptop.(4) The man, however, was very strage. Then the man came nad told me (5) no, your mom dirren't send anything.(6) before I was very angree, the man started to laugh and whent up stairs.
(7)Then having finished his lough, he took the laptop and threw it down the stairs.It was the worst day ever! my mom told me to forget it, but I couln't it was horrible.

(1) Series of Modifiers
(2)Series of phrases
(3)Series of objects
(4)Introductory andverb clouses.
(5) Introductory yes, no or interdaction.
(6)Introductory of prepositional phrases.
(7)Introductory of participal phrases.
(8)Series of of independent clauses.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Great Movie!!

The last week Isabel, one of my friends asked me to go to her house to wach a movie. At first I reallty dirren't want to go becouse all the good movies at blockbuster we have seen them all. Then she called me and told me to go to Video Wolrd and seen what movies we can watch. I whent and saw a movie called "Just my Luck", at first it really looked very boring but she told me to get that movie, so I got it.

When I got to Isabel's house, I saw that there were Lisette and Isabella. I was very glad they were there becouse I dirrent whant to watch the movie alone with Isa. When the movie started, it was very boring and I was almost sleeping. Then Isa Morales gave us popcorn with coke. Then the movie started to get better and better.

It was in the part were the luck of the girl was exchanging with the luck of the man. Anybody new what was going to happend, so I had my eyes very open so we could see what will happed.
Then the movie start to be a little funny, we laugh and laugh. Then the "Climax" or the interesting story of the movie came.

We were in a very suspensful part of the movie, Isa gave us chocolate and we dirrent whant to eat it becouse then we would not pay attention to the movie.Then evrything was very calmed and we were out of the suspence. I really loved the movie, and I really whant to see it again but with all of my friends. Hope taht could happend, becouse it's really a very cool, funny and interesting movie.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Brother Pipe...

I think everyone has problems, I am one of them I am always fighting with my brother. Well I have a brother that is 15 years old, and I am 12. We usually have many problems with each other. In my life when I have a problem and I see that I can do something to make it better I try to do my best to make the problem disappear. But with my brother it has been very difficult to fix the mistakes I have done with my brother but I really haven't figure out what can I do.

Well my brother's name is Andres Felipe, but I rather called him Pipe. Sometimes I reallt don't know how to deal with mmy problems. Lets say that I am in mu room, and then Pipe comes and gets into my room and gets my cellphone without permition. That really makes me really angree. Sometimes when I am in those situations I don't know what to do so I go to my mom and make her to put a punish to Pipe.

Also when I am very angree dealing with my problmes I have some strages reactions. I strart telling bad words to my brother and throing all the things to the floor. Thats why sometimes my brother is the one that couses the problem but by acting that way I get punished too. Those are the things that I most hate, that someone starts the problem and I get punished too.

when I have to deal with a problem and I need to fine a solution very fast I really don't know what to do. I am really very bad to solve things fats, I would rtaher take my time to solve those problems. But the thing is, that when I have figured out how to solve the problem my brother dosent whant to talk to me anymore! So i really don't now what to do.

Well I think that I really have problems with my brother, and I really think that we can figure aout what we can do to make it work. Last year he whent to the United States to live, and when he came back he was really more comprensive with me. I hope he keeps like that and we can be good friends when we grow up. I rally need to say that I am pretty glad to have a brother like him.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

My First Awesome Expirience..

Well, the last year I whent to the soccer and basketball practices at school. At first I though that I was very bad at them and I will not be able to be on the team. I was right it was real I vas very bad at both of the sports. When they choosed the team for Cartagena Games, I was in group B that means the bad ones. I really was very disapointed becouse I really whanted to be in both of the teams. I liked soccer alot more that basket, I really enter basket just to go to Binationals, or other trips. But at the end I finished entering group B in both of the sports.

When we had like 2 months of practising every week, I started to like basket. Now I really love to play both them by equal. Then when we had like half year playng I reallise that I have been doing better in those sports. When they were choosing the teams to go to Albania Games, I was choosen in the basket team but not in the soccer one. Althoug I though that I was better in soccer. So I whent to Albania Games by basket only.

When it was almost time for the Binationals Games, I did the best I can so they could choose me in both teams. I really tried my best. Finally I was choosen in both teams and I was very very happy and very exited. The Binationals were going to be in Medellin that was alot more exiting. Afortunatly my mom let me be in both teams.

Going to Binationals vas really very fun. I had the oportunities to meet new friends, now I chat with them bye msn. I'am very glad I was one of little amount of people that whent to Binationals. Righ now I love to play both games. I learned a very good thing with these experience, and I whant that all the people reading this can understandit well. I learned that you can never give up, look at the begining of last year I was in group B, I whent to practice every day and look at me righ now. I am in both teams and hopefully going to every activity of these sports.

Friday, September 29, 2006

A Way of Learning..

Mr. Hide, our English teacher told us at the beggining of the year that we were going to make a blog. At first I though it was going to be very interesting, but a little difficult at the same time. It really was true righ now I love to post things in my blog. Although they are somethimes very difficult to me becouse I missed some classes and I don't Know how to do somethings yet. Right now I think that having a blog is very interesting and a very easy way of learning.

When I just strarted maiking the posts, I really feelt very scared becouse I dirren't now what was going to happend. Also becouse I dirren't now really how to make one and if people will going to like it or not. For the technical parts I am not really expert with them righ now, but I am shure that in really short time I am really going to now how to use all of those parts.

The most exiting part that has really surprised me are the comments. For one post I had 7 comments although Mr. Hide gave me a low grade in that posts. I really don't know why that happend, beocuse I really think ist a very good post and people actually liked to read it. If they dirren't like it they wouldn't have done those comments.

From this blog, I have really learn many things that I dirren' t knew before. Before this I dirren'y have a blog, actually I had a space righ now I don't becouse I canceled it. But a really think that having a blog is much better that having an msn space. The blogging is a very fun way of learning becouse you can learn to make reflections, responses, and how to make comments in other blog.

In conclusion, I really like to have this post. I have learned many things and I hope I still keep learning these many things. I thank Mr. Hide becouse he has helped me vey much to understand very well how to make a blog. Hope he keeps helping me.